Thursday, January 22, 2015

E51: Amazing Spider-Man #13 | Fantastic Four #642 | Superior Iron Man #4 | Wolverines #3 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Amazing Spider-Man #13 unites the Spider-Friends together as they head towards the Inheritors home on Loomworld. The Uncle Ben tells Peter how he became the Spider-Man of this universe. The Superior Spider-Man also discovers Peter is the Spider-Man of the future and he will lose everything. Kaine attacks Solus and kills him while he is taken down by Morlun. Overall Spider-Verse was too dense with characters to really enjoy the story.

Fantastic Four returns to its original numbering as it nears its end. The issue is a rehash of the previous issue continuing with the Quiet Man tormenting Reed Richards as he explains he has been behind all the mishaps against them. He plans to frame Reed with an invasion and disgracing him. Meanwhile Bentley rescues Franklin Richards as SHIELD recruits Sleepwalker. This issue is fragmented with fights, brawls, and dialogue which seems inconsistent from writer James Robinson. Hopefully everything will be explained before the series wraps up. 

Daredevil discovers Stark’s secret concerning the Extremis App in Superior Iron Man #4. He discovers Extremis is a virus which Stark put in the water supply. People of San Francisco are paying for something they already have in their bodies. Now Stark erases the knowledge concerning the Extremis App inside Matt Murdock’s mind. This issue shows what level Stark will go through to protect his ideas.

The Wolverines need a thief to infiltrate Mr. Sinister’s lair to locate the key to their salvation. We are introduced to Fantomelle who steals personal items from the heroes of the Marvel Universe. She attempts to steal the skull shirt from the Punisher and manages to secure the red skull shirt from his time with the Thunderbolts. Fantomelle is later attacked by a creature that can siphon off her healing powers. However the Wolverines arrive to save her and use her for their purposes.