Thursday, February 5, 2015

E57: Batman Eternal #44 | Earth 2 #31 | Superman #38 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #44 begins with Batman pursuing Professor Milo who used to work at Arkham Asylum. Batman neutralizes him however something unknown happens. Usually it would be great if the cliffhanger indicated the level of threat Batman will be dealing with next issue however this particular issue falls flat. The sum is greater than its part when you are reading Batman Eternal. 

Earth 2 #31 sees Fate travel to Apokolips and lose his helmet Nabu to Thrall. He doubles the firepits on Earth as the Queen of Atlantis goes to war. Fate retrieves his helmet back and heads to Earth. The issue is fragmented as the story continues in Earth 2: World’s End. These past Earth 2 issues seem like fillers or tie-ins to the weekly series with very little progression in the story. 

Superman #38 gains media attention as he gains new powers and a new upgraded costume for the New 52 Universe. Ulysses blames Superman for destroying his world so he decides to destroy Earth using the energy from his world. However Superman tries to stop him which triggers his new powers. Superman wakes up in the Batcave with Batman explaining to him his new power the Super Flare which depletes his powers and makes him as human as Batman. The five dollar book ends with Clark Kent revealing to Jimmy Olsen his Superman identity. I had doubts about this story however it paid off at the end with Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. at the helm.