Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wolverines Volume 1: Dancing with the Devil TPB [2015] by Charles Soule | Nick Bradshaw

The weekly Wolverines series begins with Mr. Sinister hiring the Wreaking Crew to salvage a Weapon X facility. Mr. Sinister arrives and manages to teleport away with the Adamantium imprisoned Wolverine and Daken’s right arm. The rest of the Wolverines are left defending themselves against the Wreaking Crew while Daken lies bleeding without his healing factor. Writer Charles Soule wrote an intriguing first issue team book. The second issue of Wolverines sees Daken dying and the rest of the team down. Mystique gives the Wreaking Crew and offer to stop. The team saves Daken and tracks down Mr. Sinister in Finland. They need Wolverine’s body to find a cure for their preprogrammed deaths. However they need someone to break into Mr. Sinister’s hideout and her name is Fantomelle.

The Wolverines arrive to save Fantomelle from Siphon in Wolverines #4. They take her back and explain their plans to break into Mr. Sinister’s Fortress. Meanwhile Sinister plans to break through the adamantium to resurrect Wolverine. Realizing the Wolverines are on their way, Sinister opens a time-door set three hours into the future to complete his plans. The next issue is the finale to the first story arc as the Wolverines confront Sinister. 

The Wolverines arrive and attempt to steal the Wolverine statue from Sinister’s Fortress in Wolverines #5. However they deal with Sinister’s experiments including the Scarlet Spider clones of Ben Reilly and a Fin Fan Foom dragon with Thor as its tongue. Nero offers Sinister a deal to control the other Wolverines and as Sinister prepares to restore Wolverine to life, the Amazing X-Men arrive including Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler and interrupts the resurrection.