Monday, March 16, 2015

DC Comics April | May | June 2015 Solicitations Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The first four issues of Convergence sees Brainiac’s collection of doomed and forgotten worlds from Crisis, Zero Hour, and Elseworlds battle each other for their own survival. As the survivors of Earth 2 are defeated by a character named Telos, chaos ensues with worlds of the Earth 2, Pre-Flashpoint, and the Just Imagine universe colliding leading to the unexpected return of a surprise villain.

The last four issues of Convergence see the heroes of the various worlds uniting to stop Brainiac and Deimos. Overall the two month event seems to have two many characters to follow to actually enjoy the series. Much like the recent Spider-Verse event, having numerous characters leads to a predictable event of all of them uniting for a single goal. Convergence #5 has art by Andy Kubert and written by Jeff King without Scott Lobdell so it could be the only issue worth collecting. Overall the Convergence series may best be read in trade paperback form rather than the floppies.

DC Comics released their Post-Convergence titles in June as stores place orders for the Convergence mini-series in February.  The upcoming changes includes half the book in the same continuity as the other half focus on enjoyable stories. Much like Kingdom Come was an Elseworlds story which later got integrated into DC Continuity. Here are the highlights of the upcoming titles.

New and rebranded series which deserve a look includes:
Batman Beyond by writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang. Rumors persist Tim Drake is the new future Batman. 

Bat-Mite which is also written by Dan Jurgens may be worth to pick up if it was an ongoing series. Since it is a six-issue limited series then its best to read this in trade paperback form.

This could also be said with the Bizarro limited series. As much as I love the artwork – it’s best to read this in trade paperback form.

Justice League of America by writer and artist Bryan Hitch is a definite on the pull list.

The Batman series is continuing with its writer and artist duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo since 2011’s The New 52 launch. After the climax of Batman: Endgame, Snyder promised a new premise for Batman.

Justice League #41 by Geoff Johns kicks off the Darkseid War as Superman's identity is revealed in Superman #41

Overall the other titles seem like a desperate plight to rejuvenate the DC line including Constantine which is rebranded as Constantine: The Hellblazer, and Green Lantern Corps becomes Green Lantern: Lost Army. Black Canary has an ongoing series thanks to the Arrow television series.  Justice League 3000 becomes Justice League 3001. Robin has two ongoing titles including Robin, Son of Batman and We are Robin. The latter won’t last a year. Why does writer Scott Lobdell have two ongoing titles which are doomed to fail including the Doomed and Red Hood/Arsenal series?

At first knowing what is coming up in June – didn't help me view the new DC publishing line in a positive light. It reinforced the fact that Marvel has a better grip on having relevant stories compared to DC. However after hearing their publishing strategies, DC Comics is attempting bring the best of both worlds with continuity and independent stories from the DC Universe.