Thursday, February 26, 2015

E73: Spider-Verse Epilogue | Superior Iron Man #5 | Fantastic Four #643 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The epilogue of Spider-Verse sees the multiverse of Spider-Men and women return to their respective realities. Spider-Girl returns home with Uncle Ben who now is a grandfather. After the events of Spider-Verse, Mayday Parker has decided to don her father’s costume and become Spider-Woman. Meanwhile Superior Spider-Man decides to destroy the Great Web after realizing he will eventually be defeated by Peter Parker. The 616 Spider-Men and women are determined to stop Superior Spider-Man from causing further damage. Superior Spider-Man returns to his own time with no memory of the events of Spider-Verse. Spider-Uk discovers his reality was consumed by the incursions leading him and Anya to become the Web Warriors of the Multiverse. We also see Kaine who was previously killed be reborn again. Out of all the issues of Spider-Verse, the epilogue issue is pure Dan Slott returning to his excellence.

The first arc of Superior Iron Man comes to a close as we learn the origin of Teen Abomination. His mother Katrina Carlson used to work at Stark Industries dealing with Gamma Rays until an accident occurred leading to her firing eight years ago. She died two weeks ago as Jamie became the Teen Abomination. Stark discovers the father of Jamie is Happy Hogan and agrees to sincerely help him. Tom Taylor does it again as the reader becomes fully invested in the story as a connection is made with one of Stark’s supporting characters.

The second part of End of Fourever continues as SHIELD recruits Sleepwalker to enter Franklin Richards dreamscape as the Quiet Man unleashes monsters worldwide. Reed Richards breaks free from the Quiet Man and reunites with the Fantastic Four as Franklin and the Future Foundation kids return. As the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man stop the invasion of monsters, the Heroes Reborn Avengers arrives to cause havoc on our world. Writer James Robinson writes a below average tale and reintroduces the Sleepwalker however does not use him within this issue. Much like the last issue this issue seems pointless. Marvel seems to be closing down the Fantastic Four until the new rebooted movie arrives in August 2015 or after the Secret Wars event.