Thursday, March 26, 2015

E84: Batman Eternal #51 | Arkham Manor #6 | Deathstroke #6 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #51 begins where the very first issue kicked off with Batman tied up with his chest craved with his Bat symbol. Cluemaster unmasks Batman as he reveals how everything started with him from the very beginning. Bruce manages to escape and fight against him however Cluemaster gets the upper hand. However his neck is cut from behind revealing Lincoln March as Owlman standing over his brother Bruce. The twist ending gives as sense of closure concerning who is the real mastermind in Batman Eternal and links back to the Court of Owls. 

The final issue Arkham Manor is titled “Sacrifice” where we see the status quo remains the same following Batman Eternal where Wayne Manor is sacrificed to become the temporary Arkham Asylum as a new one is built. Scarecrow believes the ground under the Manor is hollow and encourages the other inmates to tunnel beneath it as Batman spies and asks him to “Try it.” The series wraps up before the Convergence events take place in April 2015. Overall the series which spun off from the events of Batman Eternal was like the Legends of the Dark Knight arcs from the nineties and it was a welcomed read. 

The first arc of the new Deathstroke series comes to a close title “Honor thy Father.” Wilson Slade tracks down his children Jericho and Rose and rescues them from his father Odysseus. However Slade is injured by Bronze Tiger then wakes up later as Red Fury makes him another offer. Overall the new series has lots of action with very little plot and the first arc ends abruptly without any explanation as to what happened to Jericho, Rose, and Odysseus. There is no sense of closure and the only results are Slade is younger like his counterpart in the Arrow television series. The next arc following Convergence sees Deathstroke taking on a god which should have lots of action with very little plot. It may even guest star Wonder Woman as Deathstroke competes for the title of God of War.