Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: Civil War: Warzones! [2015] Charles Soule | Leinil Francis Yu

During Civil War the Prison 42 self-destructed either by someone from Iron Man or Steve Rogers teams and fifteen million people of New York suffered. Now Civil War never ended and the United States is divided not by North and South but by East and West. The East is run by Tony Stark called the Iron and the West is run by Steve Rogers called the Blue. Now both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are coming together at the location called the Divide by Miriam Sharpe. During the meeting she is killed from someone from the West and the bullet was actually meant for Steve Rogers. Now the time has come to end the Civil War once and for all. 

Civil War #2 sees Tony Stark tracking the assassin with a drone but it is taken down by Storm who holds Tony responsible for the death of her husband the Black Panther. Colossus and Magneto send the drone back as a fast ball warning that the next time it will be a Hulk. Tony realizes that he is being played by analyzing the timeline of the war and sends Jennifer Walters AKA She-Hulk into the Blue to track down the assassin. In the Blue, Rogers, Parker, and Beast tested their weapon by removing Sandman’s powers however the fuel is exhausted so Parker takes a team to the Iron.

Civil War #3 Spider-Man and his team head into the Iron and loses Elektra however obtains the necessary equipment to active Project Bellcurve to render the Iron superheroes powerless. Jennifer Walters enters the Blue to track down the assassin and is pursued by Speedball and the Punishers however she is captured by Bullseye and the Black Panther who was presumed dead during the very beginning of Civil War.

Civil War #4 Captain America is using Project Bellcurve to remove the powers from the superheroes of the Iron. Stark searches for She-Hulk and discovers Black Panther is alive as Captain America crosses the divide to unleash his weapon. As the heroes fight Stark discovers the true face of the enemy are the Skrulls. 

Civil War #5 Iron Man reveals to Captain America the Skrulls are behind the Civil War so together they use the weapon to depower superheroes on the Skrulls. The Skrulls are defeated as both Iron Man and Captain America are sacrificed and peace is established. The series is brought to a dramatic conclusion and closure however it did not link to the events of Secret Wars. It was more of a What If? limited series than a tie-in.