Thursday, June 25, 2015

E99: Justice League #41 | Batman #41 | Justice League of America #1 | Superman #41 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Part one of Darkseid War begins with the introduction of Scot Free AKA Mister Miracle who realizes Darkseid is building an army and travels to Earth to find the Justice League. Meanwhile the Justice League is investigating murders where a Mother Box is used as the daughter of Darkseid emerges and takes them on. She uses Power Ring to tap into another universe to summon the Anti-Monitor.

Batman #41 Follows this year’s FCBD book Divergence, where James Gordon assumes the mantle of Batman with the checks and balances of working within law enforcement. The opening issue sees him taking on an energy creature who is controlled by someone else. We also see James Gordon both within and out of the mechanical bat suit. The beginning and end pages sees a bearded man sitting on a park bench as someone refers to him as Bruce Wayne. Writer Scott Snyder gives us Bruce Wayne’s return in the form of an Eddie and the Cruisers movie. I underestimated this issue as it builds towards the 50th issue which comes out at the same time as the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film. 

Justice League of America begins with Bryan Hitch as both writer and artist. His roots date back to the days of the 1990s Valiant issues to the 2000 with Marvel’s Ultimates series. This issue begins with Superman helpless to stop the Earth from being destroyed as a mysterious voice utters “IT’S TOO LATE.” We found out later that a number of Superman has been killed in different timelines in the future. When Superman dies then everything dies. Meanwhile the rest of the Justice League deals with the Parasite who is on the loose. Superman arrives and together they take down the Parasite. The end of the issue sees the arrival of Rao who was the voice in the beginning of the issue as Earth was being destroyed.