Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Justice League of America: Power and Glory [2016]

Justice League of America begins with Bryan Hitch as both writer and artist. His roots date back to the days of the 1990s Valiant issues to the 2000 with Marvel’s Ultimates series. This issue begins with Superman helpless to stop the Earth from being destroyed as a mysterious voice utters “IT’S TOO LATE.” We found out later that a number of Superman has been killed in different timelines in the future. When Superman dies then everything dies. Meanwhile the rest of the Justice League deals with the Parasite who is on the loose. Superman arrives and together they take down the Parasite. The end of the issue sees the arrival of Rao who was the voice in the beginning of the issue as Earth was being destroyed. 

Justice League of America #2 begins with the arrival of Rao while Batman decides to find Hal, Barry, and Diana who disappeared by fighting the Parasite in the first issue. Rao uses his influence to heal people in the hospital and spread his influence. The issue ends with Wonder Woman finding Olympus destroyed.

Justice League of America #3 The Flash and Green Lantern arrive on ancient Krypton 250K years in the past. Flash used the Speed Force to return himself back as Hal Jordan is taken to Kandor to meet the God Rao. The last three issues have been a slow burn giving up glimpse of world ending events but little action to take us there.

Justice League of America #4 begins with Superman giving his blood to Cyborg to analyze while Batman discovers what happens when Rao converts people. Rao is genetically rewiring them to have a better life. Superman discovers his DNA was altered a long time ago with the rest of Krypton. In the past on Krypton, Rao asks Green Lantern for help with the tyrant in Argo. The first arc is becoming like Star Trek V: The Final Frontier where Kirk and the crew face “God” as people are becoming whole and happy. 

Justice League of America #6 Issue five was a fill-in issue so Bryan Hitch can catch up on the series. The Army of Rao invades the homes of the Justice League including Atlantis, Themyscira, and the Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile the Flash is at the Infinity Corp Building in 1961 while the Green Lantern enters the same building 250,000 years ago on Krypton.

Justice League of America #7 Superman is imprisoned in Rao’s Cathedral above New York as Wonder Woman and Aquaman gather weapons of the Gods from Olympus. Rao meets his 250,000 year old future self along with Green Lantern on Krypton in the past. Rao wants to use Superman’s DNA to convert Earth’s citizens into Kryptonians. Superman uses his strength to move Rao’s Cathedral into orbit and crashes it on the moon.

Overall the final issue of the first arc showcases what the Justice League is up against regardless of the late issues. It would have been great if DC Comics didn’t compromise the arc with a filler issue however they were just filling a quota instead of keeping the integrity of the story arc.