Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Justice League: The Darkseid War Part 1 [2015] Geoff Johns

Justice League #40 is the prologue of the Darkseid War as Metron begins the story of how he brokered peace between Apokolips and New Genesis by exchanging the sons of Darkseid and Highfather. Orion from Apokolips and Scot Free of New Genesis were exchanged and war between the worlds was prevented. However the Crisis of Infinite Earths began threatening reality, Zero Hour threatened time, Infinite Crisis threatened the Multiverse, and Flashpoint threatened both reality and time. 

During Forever Evil the Crime Syndicate’s world of Earth-3 was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor who plans to follow them to New Earth. Metron knows the Anti-Monitor as Mobius who was once the observer like Metron rather than the destroyer he is now. The Anti-Monitor’s actions lead to the Multiverse being vulnerable to the events of Convergence. Now Metron wants to help Mobius become the Monitor again however he wants to end the Age of the New Gods and begin the Age of the Anti-God with the help of Darkseid's daughter.

Part one of Darkseid War begins with the introduction of Scot Free AKA Mister Miracle who realizes Darkseid is building an army and travels to Earth to find the Justice League. Meanwhile the Justice League is investigating murders where a Mother Box is used as the daughter of Darkseid emerges and takes them on. She uses Power Ring to tap into another universe to summon the Anti-Monitor. Part two sees both Superman and Lex Luthor are on Apokolips while Mister Miracle meets Myrina Black the mother of Grail who is a weapon against Darkseid. Meanwhile the rest of the Justice League confront Metron and removes him from his chair as Batman takes his place. Batman becomes a New God as he discovers the identity of the Joker.

Justice League #43 sees Darkseid summons both Steppenwolf and Kalibak to bring back Grail and her mother Myrina Black back from Earth. Batman asks his Mobius Chair who is the Anti-Monitor and it doesn’t know the answer as the Justice League wants him to come down from his chair. Mister Miracle arrives and tells them they need to get the Anti-Monitor away from Earth. Batman decides he can find answers in the depths of the Multiverse with Green Lantern. The Justice League are transported where the Anti-Monitor and Grail stands as Darkseid and his forces arrive ready to battle each other. Meanwhile Superman and Lex Luthor are trapped on Apokolips with no sunlight so Luthor takes Superman to the fire pits and drops him in to regain his strength. Superman emerges from the fire pits changed. 

Justice League #44 Batman travels to Earth-3 with Green Lantern to discover the destruction the Anti-Monitor left on that world. The Anti-Monitor murdered the world to use the energies to destroy Darkseid. On Apokolips Superman takes on Luthor while on Earth the Anti-Monitor transforms the Flash into a new Black Racer and uses the Anti-Life equation to destroy Darkseid.