Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rai Vol. 2: Battle for New Japan [2015] by Matt Kindt | Clayton Crain

Rai is plotting against the Father after discovering he killed his mother by uniting the Positrons and the Raddies. A free-willed Positron Momo tracks down Izak to bring Japan crashing back to Earth. Izak who was descended from an alien race merged with Father’s Livewire to become something new. Momo reveals her origins from the Positronic Birthing Headquarters giving Izak a common enemy and a reason to bring Japan down to Earth. We discover Momo used to be a man before her human companion changed her for his own purposes.

Spylocke heads towards Earth to find Rai VIII and bring him back to New Japan. Lula gets her Positronic companion to help her make a bomb to break into a secret entrance below Japan leading them to a hidden Geomancer. Rai and Rai VIII unite against the Father who unleashes Rai XI. Rai XI throws Rai off of New Japan and hurls him to Earth. Writer Matt Kindt over the two arcs of Rai has been world-building the Valiant Universe in 4001. The clues of the future will eventually lead to where the past Valiant heroes ended up. We know Livewire is used by the Father of Japan. Rai is a descendent of Bloodshot. And Spylocke must have a connection to Ninjak especially with Dr. Silk still alive. Hopefully these clues will be revealed in future issues of the series.