Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: Star Wars: Lando [2015] by Charles Soule | Alex Maleev

Lando #1 Lando is clearing his debts so he takes a job to steal an Imperial luxury yacht undergoing a refit and sell the artwork inside. However the ship stolen was Emperor Palpatine’s. The second issue sees Lando deal with three Imperial Star Destroyers while Palpatine hires Chanath Cha to retrieve his ship. Later Lando inspects the treasures within the ship however finds the Emperor’s guards are awaiting inside. The third issue reveals a Sith artifact onboard Emperor Palpatine's ship which has the power to corrupt individuals. The Emperor has sent his personal fixer to retake the ship or destroy it however Lando knows his personal fixer as they face former alliances corrupted by the Sith artifact. Lando and the fixer get Lobot before blowing up the ship however the ship they were going to escape on leaves. Lobot manages to turn the escape pods on and the three of the escape as Lobot tells Lando how much he inspires people and to get out of the game and fight for something. The issue takes place before the events of Empire Strikes Back.