Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent and Other Tales [2015] Fred Van Lente

Mary Maria joined the Sisters of Perpetual Darkness and her current mission is to take down a loan shark in Brazil called the Octopus. She accepts the mission and hunts down the Octopus who happens to be her biological father. We learn the origin of her and her sisters as her father dies by his own bodyguard. 

The origin of Archer is revealed as he is kidnapped by Project Rising Spirit. His memories are erased at Project Rising Spirit before he is taken to Archer Ministries and trained as an assassin. His target is Armstrong.

The One Percent takes center stage as they in war with other Sects. However the children of the One Percent take over and become the New One Percent.

In the past Ivar takes Armstrong through time where he meets his younger self and gives him his first beer. In the distant future Armstrong celebrates Gilad’s birthday.