Friday, August 14, 2015

Analysis: DC Comics Solicitations for October 2015 [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Following Convergence, DC is launching several new first issues spinning off from that series. Superman: Lois and Clark #1 follows the aftermath of Convergence. It follows the Last Son of Krypton and the Last Daughter of Earth on a new world. What would have been nice to see is the return of the Pre-Flashpoint DC Universe. That would have been a series worth collecting.

After the year-long Batman Eternal, the sequel returns with Batman and Robin Eternal #1 which lasts for six months just in time for the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie to premiere. The series is set to bring back Cassandra Cain into the New 52. While Batman is absent in the beginning of this series, he is active as a New God in Geoff Johns’ Justice League #45 and Bryan Hitch’s Justice League of America #5. Continuity doesn’t seem to matter as story comes first however the impact within these series is diminished especially in Scott Snyder’s Batman where James Gordon is the new Batman. 

The problem with DC is that you can time when things will get back to normal. Once you understand their publishing strategies the value of reading those issues goes away. The surprise is gone. Nothing is happening in the individual issues until they hit their 50th milestone which is about the same time as Batman V Superman film is released.  This will be the best time to catch up on classic DC stories like The Flash Book One by Geoff Johns which is solicited this month.