Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: Batman and Robin Eternal #1 [2016] James Tynion IV | Scott Snyder

The sequel to the year-long Batman: Eternal is only twenty-six issues long as the series ends when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is released. The series is set to feature the return of Cassandra Cain as the consequences of Batman and Robin’s actions from five years ago comes back to haunt them. DC Comics is using the Island of Gamorra which was set in the Wildstorm Universe as a setting to build their mystery. There is a conspiracy over who Robin is and why there are so many of them as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Robin. 

The issue begins in the past as a child loses his Egyptian parents the same way as Bruce Wayne’s parents. In the present Richard Grayson returns to Gotham following Forever Evil and reteams with Red Hood and Robin as the new Batman tracks down Bluebird to detain her. Later Grayson is targeted by children and her Spyral partner who are under the orders of Orphan. Cassandra Cain targets Grayson and gives him a file while Orphan targets Bluebird who may be the only one who can find Mother. Grayson discovers the file contains Batman’s confession and a warning against Mother who made Batman responsible for killing the Egyptian parents in the past.  

The series maintains the current continuity following Endgame, where Bruce Wayne returns and Batman is gone. The issue kicks off with a bang as we will finally learn why there are so many Robins and how Batman was responsible. This issue is a definite pick.