Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review | Batman Europa #1 [2015] Matteo Casali | Brian Azzarello | Jim Lee

The book was originally announced in 2004 and featuring a fully painted art from Jim Lee however he will only provide art for the first issue over layouts. The issue begins in Gotham where Batman takes down Killer Croc who looks more like Marvel’s Hulk 2099. Afterwards Batman heads back to the Batcave and discovers from Alfred there is a computer virus but it is only warning to Bruce that he is infected by the biological virus Colossus and he has one week left.

Alfred discovers the computer virus originated in Berlin and Batman heads over there tracking down a suspect which will lead him to the source. Batman follows his trail which leads him to find a pile of bodies left by the Joker. Batman tracks down the Joker and also finds the computer hacker Nina who infected the Bat-Computer. Nina reveals someone called the Trojan Horse told her to run the codes and the source came from Prague. Joker is also infected with the Colossus virus and is on the same trail as Batman. Now both Batman and the Joker must work together to find the cure before the week is up. 

There is mystery as well as a countdown clock which builds suspense as the issue begins. Regardless of the very long wait for this issue, it wasn’t the greatest however it wasn’t bad. The artwork is a bit distracting at times however it’s an issue worth picking up.