Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review | Invincible Iron Man Vol.1: Reboot [2016] Brian Michael Bendis

Invincible Iron Man begins with acknowledging what has transpired before including the fact that he was adopted and Arno Stark is the biological son of Howard Stark. He designs an armor that can adapt to the mission and goes on a date with someone who can cure the mutant gene as Madame Masque returns. Stark heads to Latveria to track down Madame Masque however comes face-to-face with Victor Von Doom without his armor and facial scars. Writer Brian Michael Bendis plans long story arcs and he kicks of this series with humor and intrigue as the events of Secret Wars is eight months behind him and Doctor Doom survived. Doom gives Tony a Wand of Watoomb for safe keeping and asks him to track down Madame Masque before she opens a portal and destroys the world. 

Both Tony Stark and Doom team up to stop Madame Masque who possessed by a demon. Tony imprisons her in his Iron Man armor while Doom casts the demon within out. Doctor Strange arrives and takes Madame Masque always so he can heal her. The issue ends with Tony Stark offering Mary Jane Watson a job. The story arc didn’t have much of an impact in the long run and we are going to have a second Iron Man series. Seems like the best stories will be saved until after Civil War II this summer.