Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Star Wars: Vader Down [2015] Jason Aaron

The first year of Darth Vader from Marvel Comics sees him finding the identity of the pilot who destroyed the first Death Star then discovering he is also his son. Following the events in his own series, Darth Vader heads towards the planet which is the current location of Luke Skywalker and a former Jedi Temple. However after coming out of hyperspace, he is greeted by three squadrons of X-Wings currently conducting training exercises. Vader takes on both Blue and Yellow Squadrons before facing the Luke Skywalker and Red Squadron.

Luke knows Vader is on the Tie Fighter so he decides to ram him which brings both fighters down to the planet. The Rebellion along with Leia and Han head towards the planet as the Rebels currently on the planet prepare to surround Vader. The first part of Vader Down packs a punch especially with Luke ramming his X-Wing into Vader’s TIE Fighter. You have both action and suspense kicking off the six-part crossover by writer Jason Aaron.

Vader is surrounded by Rebels however he manages to fend for himself as he searches for his son Luke. Aphra arrives and Triple-Zero manages to knock Luke out for Vader as Han Solo and Chewbacca track him down. Chewbacca tears one of Triple-Zero’s arm as Luke impales him with his lightsaber. Now Leia is the leading the Rebels to capture and kill Vader who manages to get the drop on her.

Leia calls for an airstrike on her position however the Imperials arrive lead by Commander Karbin who has a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader. Han manages to get Luke and takes him back to the Millennium Falcon however he and Chewbacca have to deal with Krrsantan. Triple-Zero and BT-1 remove C3P0 arms and make sure Luke is not taken by Commander Karbin’s troops. Aphra rams her ship into Karbin and Vader kills him while his men escape with Luke on an Imperial Shuttle. Vader brings the shuttle down and Han rescues Luke again before being confronted by Aphra. Leia punches her out and takes Aphra back. Overall there is no suspense in the movie since we all know this issue takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. The arc could have been better if new characters were introduce which would have long term impact on the characters.