Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Walking Dead Volume 25: No Turning Back [2016]

Following the deaths of several residents by Alpha of the Whispers as a warning to Rick, he informs the community of the threat of the Whispers. The team processes the information and realizes that they have Alpha’s daughter Lydia. Rick and Andrea take Lydia away to the Hilltop. Rick decides to talk to Negan and ask for help against the Whispers. Now Rick is planning on building a military to go to war against the Whispers. Rick is beaten up and kills one of his attackers while Michonne tracks the other one down. He rallies everyone together to Silence the Whispers once and for all as Negan admires him. The milestone 150th issue was a bit overrated promising Rick will be betrayed and a possible status quo change however what we got is a reinforcement of the previous issue.