Thursday, May 26, 2016

Devil Comics Review | DC Universe: Rebirth #1 [2016]

Hype Following 2011’s New 52, DC Comics revitalizes the comic industry with Rebirth and bring legacy back to their characters. The one-shot promises a death of a character and the return of three characters to the DC Universe. DC is celebrating the event by releasing a limited edition midnight cover on the day of its release. The book is 80 pages and for only $2.99 and the final page promises to be explosive. 

Rehash The DC Universe Rebirth special is a continuation from the events of the Darkseid War and the Final Days of Superman story arcs which their finales were both released on the same day. During the Darkseid War, three versions of the Joker were revealed as well as Wonder Woman having a twin brotherwhile the Final Days of Superman saw the death of the New 52 Superman. The issue begins with the return of the Pre-Flashpoint Wally West attempting to reach out to Batman who has forgotten him in the first chapter Lost

The second chapter Legacy explores the Justice Society of America, Legion of Super-Heroes, the Microverse and the death of Pandora who brought the New 52 together. She was heavily marketed and her appearance was in every New 52 first issue in 2011. Her death will bring cheers for DC fans.

The third chapter Love features the aftermath of the Final Days of Superman where heroes like Green Arrow, Superman, and Aquaman are reconnecting their past loves including Wally West and Linda Park.

The fourth chapter Life sees Wally West and the New 52 version who are revealed to be cousins. Wally meets the New 52 Flash to say goodbye and to let him know someone has infected history to make people forget. Barry remembers Wally and brings him back while remembering the past. The finale reveals they are being watched and they are the ones who are behind the missing heroes, history, and legacies: Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

Feedback Writer Geoff Johns begins the story by relating to the readers on what it is like to have read the New 52 for the past five years where forgotten heroes, legacies, and history which created a foundation of great stories were all erased. It was been revealed the stories within the Rebirth titles will build to an event in August 2018. DC fans would return to the company after reading this issue. It brings an optimistic and hopeful DC Universe back as well as preparing them for the incorporation of the Watchmen universe in 2018.