Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Agents of Shield Season 3 [2016] Secret Warriors

Shield Director Agent Coulson works with Advanced Threat Containment Unit Rosalind Price who is later shot by Grant Ward. Werner Von Strucker is recruited by Ward to rebuild Hydra. Strucker is tasked to kill Dr. Andrew Garner who is later revealed to be the Inhuman Lash. Fitz searches for Jemma Simmons who is lost on alien planet due to the Kree Monolith and manages to bring her back to Earth. Simmons needs to return back to the planet to save a friend however he is killed by the alien on the planet. The alien is an Inhuman that was banished and Hydra was created to bring it back. Ward travels to the planet and Coulson tracks him there to kill him. In the mid-season finale, Grant Ward returns to Earth inhibited by the Inhuman who was banished there years ago. He is Hive who was the first Inhuman who rebelled against the Kree.

Now General Talbot replaces Rosalind Price as the head of the ATCU however he works under Shield Director Agent Coulson. Meanwhile Agent Daisy Johnson continues to build here Secret Warriors team. Coulson and his team are kidnapped and the Secret Warriors rescues them however Daisy has been turned by the Hive. Now Hive is planning to turn ordinary humans to his Inhuman army. Shield sends Lash to kill Hive and frees Daisy from Hive's control. The agents discover Hive is planning on using a warhead to disperse an Inhuman pathogen to infect the human race. 

Shield stops Hive and captures him however the warhead goes missing. At the Shield base an explosion turns agents into Inhumans and frees the Hive who steals a jet to take disperse the warhead above Europe. An agent of Shield sacrifices himself along with the Hive to save Europe. We flash forward six months later where we see Daisy Johnson helping people by robbing banks and using her powers to do it. It was heavily marketed that one of the main cast will die during the season finale however it was a supporting character the audience did not real care about.