Thursday, April 28, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Avengers Standoff: Assault of Pleasant Hill Omega #1

Steve Rogers investigates Maria Hill for using fragments of the Cosmic Cube which evolved into a little girl named Kobik. Hill used Kobik to convert super-villains into normal citizens in Pleasant Hill. Pleasant Hill is the Guantanamo Bay for super-villains of the Marvel Universe. The super-villains led by Baron Zemo escaped and rebelled. Kobik restored Steve Rogers to his youth and he is joined by both the Avengers and Uncanny Avengers.

The villains capture Kobik as Zemo plans to use her to take over Pleasant Hill and then the world. Meanwhile Steve Rogers assembles the Avengers before Zemo uses Kobik to control reality. Steve Rogers and the Avengers battles Zemo and his villains until Kobik escapes her containment. She makes Zemo disappear and the Avengers have the upper hand and take the villains down. Afterwards Maria Hill briefs the Security Council on Pleasant Hill and the hostage standoff.

You only need four issues to enjoy Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant, Captain America: Sam Wilson #7, Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha and Omega. The tie-ins for the Avengers Standoff were mainly fill-ins expect for the Captain America: Sam Wilson #7, which is the anniversary issue which restored Steve Rogers to his youth. The ending was a bit underwhelming as Rick Jones joins SHIELD, a new Quasar comes out of the blue, and the Red Skull is now the head of Hydra. Zemo, Red Skull, and Hydra story threads will continue in the new Captain America series starring Steve Rogers. Instead of closure in the finale of Avengers Standoff, we get a branching of various stories with unknown consequences. It would be interesting if Avengers Standoff somehow connected to Civil War II however that is not the case.