Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Devil Comics Review | 4001 AD [2016] Beyond New Japan

4001 A.D. [2016] X-O Manowar #1 After Father takes New Japan into orbit causing tremors across the world, the nations assemble a response in the form of the X-O Manowar armor. Nations around the world send their own X-O Manowars to attack Japan. Everyone was launched except for the United States because their systems are attacked from within. The various X-O Manowars are defeated leaving the United States to rot in its silo until 4001 AD. Overall this was a short prelude story of the X-O Manowar before the events of 4001 AD.

4001 A.D. [2016] Bloodshot #1 The issue is a follow up to last year’s Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot, where Bloodshot emerges to complete his final mission, which is to bury his original physical body Ray Garrison.

4001 A.D. [2016] Shadowman #1 The issue introduces Kaia who will become the Shadow Woman of 4001. Gethsemane the living city offers live sacrifices for the Sanctuary the last outpost of the Deadside War. Now the citizens of Gethsemane have decided to steal the power from the Sanctuary for themselves. Kaia steals the totem however New Japan fragments falls unto the Sanctuary. The citizens of Gethsemane invade the Sanctuary while Kaia and her friends defend with the Loa Shadow Women it after finding out the truth. The truce between the two cities holds as the humans obtain the skull of Master Darque.

4001 A.D. [2016] War Mother #1 A new Valiant character is introduced within this one shot. Ana the War Mother and her gun called Flaco searches for technology which fell from New Japan and bring it back to the Grove. She finds a child and brings him back to the Grove however the laws prohibit it. Ana fights to bring him into the Grove and encourages others to evolve. This was an over-hyped issue which was classified.


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