Monday, June 5, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Gotham Season 3 [2017] Mad City

The escaped experiments from Indian Hill are led by Fish Mooney who is slowing dying and searches for Hugo Strange to cure her. Strange is imprisoned however he continues his experiments under the government until Fish breaks him out.

The Penguin decides to run for the Mayor of Gotham and wins making the Riddler as his Chief of Staff. Butch resurrects the Red Hood Gang causing trouble for the Penguin. He would later eliminate them to become the hero however the Riddler discovers his plans and uses it against him.

Bruce Wayne encounters his doppleganger from Indian Hill who pretends to be him when he meets up with Selina Kyle. Bruce also meets the Court of Owls and makes a deal not to investigate his parents’ murders. The Court of Owls later kidnaps the doppelganger to use him for their own purposes.

Ivy is transformed into an older woman after spying on Fish. Bounty hunter James Gordon meets the reporter Valerie Vale while Lee Tompkins returns to Gotham with her fiancĂ© Mario who is the son of Carmine Falcone.

Jervis Tetch AKA the Mad Hatter is introduced searching for his love Alice who he accidently kills. Captain gets infected by Alice’s blood as Tetch makes Gordon pay for the death of Alice by kidnapping both Lee Tompkins and Valerie Vale. Tetch makes Gordon choose between the two and Vale gets shot. He later steals Alice's blood to infect Gotham however he is caught by GCPD. 

The Riddler meets Isabella which makes Penguin jealous. Gordon finally rejoins the GCPD after hallucinating about his father and his ring which belongs to the Court of Owls. Captain Barnes is infected by Alice's blood which sends him to Arkham Asylum after killing several criminals. Penguin kills Isabella so he can keep Edward Enigma all to himself.

However Enigma discovers Isabella was murdered and believes Butch is responsible. The Riddler kidnaps and tortures both Butch and for the murder Isabella while Barbara Kean discovers the Penguin was behind her murder. Mario is infected with the Tetch virus before his wedding with Doctor Lee Thompkins. Gordon is convinced that Mario is infected with the Tetch virus and goes out of his way to prevent Mario's wedding to Lee. The plan backfires and they wed until Lucius Fox discovers how Mario masked the virus within his blood. Gordon tracks Mario down and shoots him before he kills Lee. 

Carmine Falcone takes a hit out on James Gordon using Victor Zsasz. Lee Thompkins calls off the hit after meeting with Barnes at Arkham Asylum. Someone resurrects Jerome Valeska and he wreaks havoc on Gotham until both Bruce and Gordon stop him. The Riddler finally has his revenge on the Penguin for killing his Isabella. 

James Gordon meets his Uncle Frank who is in the Court of Owls. He reveals the Court is responsible for the death of his brother and James' father. Uncle Frank invites him to join the Court for the purpose of taking them down. The Court replaces Bruce Wayne with his doppelganger while the Riddler makes his play on Gotham. 

Uncle Frank kills himself so James Gordon can join the Court to take them down. The Riddler is on the tail of the Court. James Gordon is asked to bring the Riddler to the Court to test his loyalty. The Penguin assembles Poison Ivy, Firefly, and Mr. Freeze to go after the Riddler. The plans to release the Ketchum virus on Gotham. The Court captures the Penguin and Nathanel Barnes is turned into the Executioner by the Court. Gordon stops Barnes however the Court spreads the virus as Ra's Al Ghul arrives to Gotham. 

The Penguin captures the Riddler and freezes him for his Iceberg Lounge, Selina Kyle begins her journey as Catwoman, and Bruce Wayne rises to become a vigilante. 


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