Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 [2017] Legion of Doom

The Time Masters were destroyed last season and now the Legends have taken up the mantle. Green Arrow discovers the Legends are missing with the help of Nathan Heywood while investigating a time quake in 1942 New York City. Sara Lance is searching for Damien Darhk so she can have revenge for killing her sister. The Legends kidnap Albert Einstein believing he created the atomic bomb that destroyed New York in 1942. However the Nazis kidnapped his wife to create the atomic bomb. Rip Hunter dispenses the Legends throughout time and uses the Waverider to stop the atomic bomb from hitting New York. Heatwave is put in stasis so he can retrieve the Legends later with the help of Nathan Heywood. We discover Damien Darhk has been working with the Reverse Flash while the Legends face the Justice Society of America. 

The Legends and the Justice Society of America team up to rescue their teammates the Atom and Vixen from the Nazis. The Reverse Flash kills Rex Tyler before he can stop the Legion of Doom. Vixen boards the Waverider believing Mick Rory was responsible for Rex's murder. She is detained by the Legends however they promise to track his killer down while Nathan Heywood is transformed into Captain Steel. 

The Legends track down a time pirate stuck in 1863 Mississippi where they encounter zombie Confederate soldiers. They stop the zombies virus which came from the time pirate. Later they head to 1987 to stop Damien Darhk from interrupting the US and Russia summit. After his defeat the Reverse Flash takes Darhk into the time stream to change their destinies. Later the Legends discover a time quake in 1874 and arrive to save Jonah Hex and the Wild West before heading back to 2016.

In 1927 Chicago, the threesome of Darhk, Zoom, and Malcolm Merlyn meet up with Al Capone to prepare him for the Legends who arrive to save Eliot Ness. Captain Steel impersonates Ness while he recovers from brain damage. Zoom disguises himself as Professor Martin Stein and infiltrates the Waverider along with Al Capone's men and Merlyn. The Legion of Doom are looking for the amulet which will give them the location of the Spear of Destiny to change reality itself. 

Months ago Rip Hunter takes the Spear of Destiny from the Waverider as the Legion of Doom arrives Hollywood in 1967 to get him. The Legends arrive and take on the Legion rescuing Rip Hunter who has lost his identity using the Time Drive. While attempting to encourage George Lucas to become a director who also has the Spear of Destiny, the Reverse Flash arrives and kidnaps Rip Hunter who is tortured for information of the Legion.

The Legion of Doom wants the Spear of Destiny so they can change their past and future. The Legends discover the mystery speedster is a time aberration Eobard Thawne who is being chased by the Black Flash. The Darhk and Merlyn help the Reverse Flash trap the Black Flash so they become equal partners. Rip Hunter travels to 1776 to kill George Washington and the Legends arrive to stop him. It was a trap so Rip Hunter can steal the Spear of Destiny and bring it to the Legion of Doom. The Legends save Camelot from the Legion of Doom and capture Rip Hunter. 

Rip Hunter escapes and the Waverider crash lands on Earth during the dinosaur period. The Legends enter Rip’s mind to free him from the Legion’s control with the help of Gideon.  With Rip back with the Legends, now they can retrieve the final piece of the Spear of Destiny. The Legends find Commander Steel who hid his portion of the Spear of Destiny on the moon. Atom retrieves it with the help of the Reverse Flash who is hunted by the Black Flash. 

The Legends travel to Vanishing Point to steal the rest of the Spear of Destiny from them. The Spear of Destiny is reforged and now they need to destroy it with the Blood of Christ. The Legends need to find JRR Tolkien in 1916 France so they can find the Blood of Christ. However they discovered the Legion of Doom brought back Captain Cold who also wants the Spear of Destiny so he may live. Now the Legion has the Spear of Destiny and the Blood of Christ is destroyed. 

The Legion of Doom created a world where the Legends serve them. Heatwave betrays Captain Cold and saves Nathan Haywood from death. Together they find Ray Palmer and restore their memories. Thawne is planning on destroying the Spear of Destiny as both the Legends and the Legion plan to steal it to use it to restore reality or change it to benefit themselves. The Reverse Flash destroys the Spear of Destiny and Vixen is killed by Captain Cold. The Legends decide to time travel back to 1916 and stop the Legion of getting the Spear of Destiny but first they must find Rip Hunter and the Waverider. Rip Hunter and the Waverider are shrunk on Thawne's desk at Star Labs. 

The Legends restore Rip Hunter and the Waverider to normal size using Ray Palmer's technology and head to 1916 to stop the Legion from obtaining the Spear of Destiny. They run into themselves which causes a time quake. They use the Spear of Destiny to return reality back to normal as the Reverse Flash is killed by the Black Flash. They return back to the present but it mixed with combining the past and the future as a result of the time quake. Season 3 begins this Fall 2017. 


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