Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Secret Empire [2017] Nick Spencer

Secret Empire began during the Welcome to Pleasant Hill when an older Steve Rogers is restored to his youth thanks to the living Cosmic Cube called the Kobik belonging to the Red Skull. However the Cosmic Cube rewrote the origin of Captain America by making him a Hydra Agent. Now Hydra asserts itself to take over the world while the heroes are divided by an invasion by the Chitauri, Graviton attacking in New York, and Hydra forces in Russia. 

While the remaining heroes are hidden away at a base outside of Vegas, Steve Rogers executes Rick Jones for relaying information to the heroes while laying waste to Vegas. However the remaining heroes receives the message that Captain America was changed by the Cosmic Cube. They have to unite the shards to return Steve Rogers back to normal. 

Both sides needs to tangle with Ultron to get the first shard. Iron Man claims the first two shards while Captain America is on his tail with a resurrected Bruce Banner. Emma Frost has another shard to rule the mutant nation of New Tian and Black Panther and Wakanda has another shard. 

Captain America regains the shards from the Underground at the cost of Madame Hydra who sacrificed her life. Black Widow goes for the kill as Miles Morales faces Steve Rogers face-to-face. Rogers kills the Black Widow as Morales beats him however stops short from killing him. Morales is arrested and Sam Wilson takes up Captain America's shield. Sam builds up the resistance while Captain America captures the Black Panther and the residents of New Tian. However the mutants rebelled and Black Panther is saved by the Winter Soldier. Now the heroes face off against Captain Hydra until he is stopped by Kobik who brings back the original untainted Steve Rogers. Captain America returns and stops Hydra from using the Cosmic Cube to rewrite the world.  

Steve Rogers confronts Hydra Cap in prison on his choices and consequences. Hydra Cap believes in the reality which was created for him by Kobik. Now Rogers deals with the aftermath of distrust which was created by Captain Hydra. 


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