Friday, April 21, 2017

Weekly Roundup | DC and Marvel Comics July 2017 Solicitations

DC Comics July 2017 Solicitations
DC Comics begins its July Solicitations with Dark Days: The Casting follows The Forge in June leading to August’s Dark Nights: Metal and its spin-off Dark Matter. DC Comics’ Dark Matter which is an artist-centric approach series drawn by today’s best artists including Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, and John Romita Jr. who also drawn The Forge and The Casting. The first appearance of the characters in Dark Matter could be in both the Forge and the Casting. 

DC Comics Pull List
Dark Days: The Forge (June) and Dark Days: The Casting (July) First appearance of new characters.

Marvel Comics begins its July Solicitations with Secret Empire while also promoting the 10 issue maxi series Generations for August and September. Clearly DC has a better publishing strategy because it focuses on new ideas rather than consolidating old ones. However Marvel is releasing Marvel Legacy #1 one shot similar to DC Rebirth #1 where some of the titles will return to their original numbering.
Generations: The Best starring Wolverine and All-New Wolverine Written by Tom Taylor Art by Ramon Rosanas 
Generations: The Americas starring Steve Rogers: Captain America and Sam Wilson: Captain America Written by Nick Spencer Art by Paul Renaud  
Generations: The Bravest starring Captain Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel Written by Margie Stohl Art by Brent Schoonover
Generations: The Thunder starring The Mighty Thor and The Unworthy Thor Written by Jason Aaron Art by Mahmud Asrar
Generations: The Strongest starring Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk Written by Greg Pak
Generations: The Archers starring Hawkeyes, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop Written by Kelly Thompson
Generations: The Iron starring Iron Man and Ironheart Written by Brian Michael Bendis Art by Marco Rudy
Generations: The Marvels starring Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel Written by G. Willow Wilson
Generations: The Spiders starring Peter Parker: Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Spider-Man Written by Brian Michael Bendis Art by Ramon Perez
Generations: The Phoenix starring The Phoenix and Jean Grey Written by Cullen Bunn

Marvel Comics Pull List: Secret Empire Last mega event till 2019.

In 2016 IDW Publishing released Revolution which brought various Hasbro properties together including Transformers, G.I Joe, and MASK. They are competing with both DC and Marvel which also have shared universes. The purpose of a shared universe is basically multiplying and maximize sales towards the target audience. One reader would buy two books within a shared universe to complete the story rather than one.

Next week: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 Review