Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Comic Book Buy-Ins, Diversity and the Ardian Syaf Controversy

This week on the Rebel Devil Podcast we will be discussing comic book buy-ins, diversity, and the Ardian Syaf Controversy. Retailers stock what sells and if Marvel replaces a Fantastic Four title with Squirrel Girl and Spider-Gwen then expect sales to crumble. Marvel would rather blame customers not wanting diversity than rather accepting what customers really want. People are already prepared to purchase the trade as the first issue of a new comic rolls at Marvel. Training their customers to be trade paperback readers instead of a monthly one which allows them to be apart of a community. They need to commit and engage with an audience to build diversity and inclusion through their product line. When DC Rebirth came out people were willing to experiment with their new titles because of the quality and the buy-in which was already established. They have built the monthly readership well to avoid sales attrition which Marvel is suffering from.