Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #634 [2010] Grim Hunt

The 2010 year for Spider-man started with a revenge plot by the wife and daughter of the late Kraven the Hunter: Sasha and Ana Kravinoff. Two decades in the making after Kraven’s Last Hunt (1987) by classic Spider-man writer J.M. DeMatteis and Secret Wars artist Mike Zeck, the Kravinoff women are seeking to redeem the legacy of Kraven the Hunter.

The Kravinoff women launched a series of coordinated attacks that grinds Spidey with his own rogue gallery. Villains were amped up and given new motives against Spider-man including Electro, Sandman, Chameleon, Mysterio, Rhino, Vulture, and the Lizard. The storyline cumulates in the four-part arc ‘Grim Hunt’ between Amazing Spider-man #634 and #637 by Joe Kelly and Michael Lark.

So here we are – the issue is narrated by Madame Web who has been captured by the Kravens. Ana and Sasha team-up with Aloysha Kravinoff near the grave of Vladimir Kravinoff. Aloysha Kravinoff is the illegitimate mutant son Kraven. Together they resurrected Vladimir into a wolfman creature. Vladimir Kravinoff was the son of Kraven and also known as the Grim Hunter before he was killed by Kaine.

The issue starts off with a bleeding Kaine warning Peter that they are being hunted. Peter hears commotion outside his apartment and investigates while leaving Kaine inside. Peter finds Spider-woman battling both Ana and Aloysha Kravinoff. He joins the fight and together they fend them off. They hide out at Mattie Franklin’s apartment where Ezekiel makes a surprise entrance claiming a war between the tribes of the spiders and the hunters.

Joe Kelly is taking responsibility for writing this important story arc that has been set up by the various Spider-man writers. Great issue and keeping up with the drama and suspense. The artwork by Michael Lark fits well with the storytelling. Great start and will be following this arc to its continuation.