Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Mutants #14 [2010] Second Coming

The first mutant is born after the events of House of M where the Scarlet Witch proclaimed ‘No More Mutants.’ Second Coming is the final part of the X-Men Trilogy that started 3 years ago with the Messiah Complex followed by the Messiah War. Second Coming centers on Cable and Hope Summers returning to the present day as they are hunted by Bastion.

Things look grim for the X-Men as Bastion traps them in a sphere that surrounds the island of Utopia as well as San Francisco. He then creates a portal on the Golden Gate Bridge and sends enhanced army of Nimrod sentinels from the Days of Future Past timeline to destroy the remaining mutants on Utopia. With no other choice than to use the last time jump, Cyclops sends Cable and X-Force sent into the future to stop the Nimrods as the X-Men battle them in the present day.

Finding a way to break through the impregnable energy dome are the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. They realize that with their combined might it would take all day to break in while the citizens inside only have a few hours left. The X-Men crossover is really losing steam as me move to the penultimate ending next issue. What is the point of a crossover when everything is available with advance solicitations? Legion, Magneto, and Hope joins the fray on heroes. Seems like the writers are all positioning their issues to promote the finale in X-Men Second Coming #2 where we finally see what Hope can really do. After Second Coming we are immediately followed by ‘The Curse of the Mutants’ storyline in July. Come on everybody…say: Event Fatigue!