Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Flash #3 [2010]

After his return in Final Crisis and his reintroduction in Flash Rebirth, Geoff Johns begins the new era of Flash by returning Barry Allen back into the role of as a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department. After his death in Crisis of Infinite Earths, Barry Allen’s absence is explained by being in witness protection. His first case arrives in the form of a dead body: Mirror Master.

However before Barry can uncover what has happened another disturbance arrives from the 25th century. The Renegades have arrived and they are the Reverse Flash Task Force. Senior member Commander Cold attempts to arrest the Flash for the murder of their fellow officer Mirror Monarch, who was found however mistakenly identified as the present Mirror Master. Using the Trixster’s Time Scope they have witnessed that the Flash will murder Mirror Monarch in 84 days.

The Flash escapes the Renegades and they return back to their era to regroup. The body of Mirror Monarch is examined at the lab and blood is found matching the DNA of Barry Allen. Without missing a beat Geoff Johns wrote the only way out of that scene with the shortest time possible.

The Renegades return and we get insight that they know that Barry Allen is the Flash. They are also are aware of Iris Allen who may have committed a crime in the near future that could result in the Flash murdering Mirror Monarch. The Renegades catch up with the Flash and arrest him however the surprise appearance of Captain Boomerang knocks all of them off guard.

Next issue steps up the confrontation between the Flash and Captain Boomerang. Another great issue crafted by Geoff Johns who only gives us clues as to what is happening and keeps us focused on what happens next issue.