Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Superman #700 [2010] Anniversary Issue

The anniversary issue consists of 3 stories and some previews of other super books like Action Comics, Supergirl, and the upcoming Superboy series. James Robinson wraps up his run on Superman with an intimate moment between Clark and Lois reflecting back on the losses they both felt after the War of the Supermen story arc. Dan Jurgens the writer responsible for the Death of Superman way back in 1992 gives us a tale of Superman and the Robin (Richard Grayson). The first half of the book I didn’t give too much weight towards because I was looking ahead into the future of this series with J. Michael Stracznyski.

J.Michael Straczynski gives us the prologue of his run on the Superman series: Grounded. Straczynski brings the memory of Pa Kent into the story by giving us the analogy of his theme in his Superman series. Pa Kent tells a young Clark Kent about the soil and how crops need to be rotated from time to time and that anything that stays in the same soil too long withers and eventually dies.

Straczynski continues by speaking through Pa Kent that people are the same way, and they become nothing except a shell until something wakes them up. They will do the same thing over and over again until they fall asleep in their own lives. That’s when you take yourself back to where you are and put yourself back where you should be before you fell asleep to be nourished. Straczynski will be reflecting on the current theme between the disconnect of those in power and everybody else. Exploring the current political landscape as a larger metaphor for how power has come to be perceived.