Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Invincible Iron Man #28 [2010] by Matt Fraction

Tony Stark is rebuilding his empire after the events of Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. A new company rises from the ashes of Stark Industries: Stark Resilent. The new company will license the intellectual properties from the former Stark Industries.

Now the US military needs to go elsewhere for its armory supplies. Waiting in the wings is Hammer Industries led by Justin Hammer’s daughter and granddaughter. The Hammer girls presented their new toy to the US Military: Detroit Steel. However the Hammer girls are also supplying rogue countries with old SHIELD hardware, which means Stark Industries weapons. Therefore ruining Tony Stark’s name and reputation and solidifying Hammer Industries position in the defense sector.

Tony continues to rebuild and rehire for Stark Resilient. Pepper talks Tony back into giving her the means to become Rescue again. A terrorist attack is launched in Tokyo however the Hammer girls are prepared with their Detroit Steel mecha. After the showcasing of Detroit Steel in Tokyo the US Military decides that they are getting into business with Hammer Industries.

Iron Man and War Machine investigate the terrorist plot in Tokyo only to realize that the terrorists used former Stark Industries equipment. Tony comes face to face with Justine and Sasha Hammer along with Detroit Steel. He realizes Sasha looks awfully familiar and makes the connection that she was with Ezekiel Stane in Taiwan. Tony comes to the conclusion that both Hammer and Stane are at the heart of Detroit Steel.

Still no sign of Spymaster who is planning on sabotaging Stark Resilient expect in the previous issue. My guess is that he maybe hiding as one of the new hires for Stark Resilent. Like the last issue nothing major happens expect for long dialogues followed by pictures with no dialogue. There seems to be a buildup with this issue as the revelation of Sasha Hammer and the waking of Pepper Potts who is ready to suit up as Rescue next issue.