Wednesday, July 14, 2010

X-Force: Sex And Violence #1 [2010]

The story takes place on the Utopia with a shot up Domino flashbacking to how she got attacked. Elixir walks into the room to heal her except Wolverine intervenes and wants to know what happened. Domino explains she was teamed up with the Assassins Guild to steal money from the Hand who set up shop in New Orleans. However she discovered human trafficking ring by the Hand and rescued the women while the Assassin Guild and the Hand fought it out. Wolverine then takes her out of Utopia however they are suddenly attacked by the Assassins Guild. They are demanding the money that Domino stole from New Orleans, which Wolverine was unaware of.

This was an action packed fun issue with lots of blood and violence. I had no expectations so it was a pleasant surprise when I enjoyed this issue. This is the final X-Force story by current writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost with artwork by Italian illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto. A three issue limited series that I will follow to the end especially with the gorgeous artwork.