Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PunisherMax #9 [2010] by Jason Aaron & Steve Dillion

Now the greatest villain the Punisher has ever faced has hired the deadliest assassin the world has ever known: Bullseye. Using unorthodox and insane methods to kill his targets Bullseye has begun to hunt his prey Frank Castle AKA the Punisher.

Frank escapes his first assassination attempt by Bullseye and now he is going after a dirty cop on who has been feeding intel to Bullseye. A torture scene follows however Frank falls short reminding himself that he never killed a cop. However after finding out that Bullseye killed his old army buddy, Frank kills the dirty cop and crossed the line that will lead to immense consequences.

Bullseye is frustrated with his task of hunting the Punisher so he reenacts the origin of the Punisher. He finds a family home and ‘replaces’ the father and brings the family to the park where Frank lost his wife and children. By gaining the sense of the loss Frank has felt, Bullseye feels he might get into the Punisher’s head.

Vanessa Fisk is still grieving for the loss of her son Richard. Wilson realizes that he may have gained at the end as becoming the Kingpin however he still lost everything to get there. She is kicked out of their apartment after attempting to kill her husband.

Love the one-way dialogue between Bullseye and Vanessa Fisk. Writer Jason Aaron captures the frustration of Kingpin of having the maniac Bullseye on his payroll. Wilson Fisk can’t get the same results as he can when he is the Kingpin with his subordinates. Artist Steve Dillion brings back the memories of his Preacher days with Garth Ennis by illustrating the emotions on each of the character’s faces. Really enjoying this series as it keeps the high standard consistent throughout the story arc.