Sunday, August 1, 2010

TV Review: Weeds [2010]

A Showtime original series revolving around a suburban mother who supports her two children by selling marijuana when her husband unexpectedly dies. The series is a dark comedy as each of the characters gets into unexpected circumstances and faces the upcoming consequences. While other characters also come into play that wreaks and complicates the situation further and leads to unexpected outcomes cultivating into the season-ending cliffhangers.
The first three seasons dealt with selling and growing marijuana locally within the state of California. The next three seasons features expanding the drug trade with smuggling from Mexico to the US.

Mary-Louise Parker plays Nancy Botwin the suburban mother who has to deal with her recently deceased husband and her two teenage sons. These last two seasons really suffered in regards to storyline as the character of Nancy Botwin became unrelatable from the suburban mom we loved from the prior seasons. Her character holds up well however has been going downhill spiral since season 4 and hoping her character really gets to shine in season 6.

Elizabeth Perkins plays Celia Hodes who is an image-obsessed housewife with two daughters. Her character was brought down a peg when she discovered she had breast cancer in the first season. Elizabeth’s character has suffered as well however she recently announced she will be leaving the series to make wave for Linda Hamilton to join the cast.

Season 6 begins roughly one year after season 5 ended and Nancy and her family are on the run after Shane killed someone. Looking forward to some closure with some of the characters as well as the “Mexican cartel” storyline.

Season 1 – Nancy Botwin finds out her boyfriend is a DEA agent
Season 2 – Nancy is in a Mexican standoff with two drug dealing gangsters
Season 3 – Nancy and her family move away by burning down her home
Season 4 – Nancy avoids execution from a drug kingpin by revealing she is pregnant
Season 5 – Shane kills a Mexican fund-raiser