Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #640 [2010] One Moment In Time

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Following the events from One More Day we witness what Mary Jane whispered to Mephisto and what happened on the day of the wedding by mixing in pages from the 1987 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21. Next we are taken to the events during One More Day after Aunt May was shot and eventually died however she was brought back by Peter’s resilience.

The doctor told Peter Parker that it was Love that saved Aunt May. Wilson Fisk contacts someone to finish the job of killing Mary Jane’s family starting with her Aunt Anna. Peter stops that person however only to find out that it was the same person he stopped the night before his wedding. He goes to Dr. Strange to ask for help to make the world forget that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Dr. Strange goes to the astral plane to discuss the matter with Tony Stark and Reed Richards.

Joe Quesada really thought this storyline through before omitting the marriage between Mary Jane and Peter Parker. The revelation of the identity of Fisk’s assassin really mirrored the events in Amazing Fantasy #15. The assassin is ruthless in his actions and thoughts that made you root for Spider-Man when he managed to stop him. Cannot wait for the finale of this arc which has been beautifully crafted and caring to the characters.