Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #51 [2010]

The aftermath of the Blackest Night begins with a secret meeting on the Planet Ysmault between Guy Gardner, Ganthet, and the Red Lantern Atrocitus. Following the meeting Ganthet resigns his post as Guardian of the Universe and becomes Green Lantern of Sector Zero.

John Stewart has been summoned by the Guardians to team-up with Alpha-Lantern Boodika to investigate the Planet Grenda home of Green Lantern Drill Sergeant Stel, who lost contact after reporting the planet’s population is missing. Once Stel was located Boodika betrayed John Stewart by recruiting him into the Alpha-Lanterns.

On Oa Ganthet recruits both Kyle Rayner and Natu to the Planet Grenda without the other Guardians awareness. The Alpha-Lanterns have been requisitioning Green Lanterns into their ranks commandeered by none other than Hank Henshaw: the Cyborg-Superman.

Henshaw tells Stewart through a mindlink of what happened after the Sinestro Corps War and through the Blackest Night. The Green Lanterns arrive to save Stewart and they retreat into a hidden cavern where a billion Grendans are under the control of Henshaw. We learn from Stewart’s mindlinke that Henshaw was told the Alpha-Lanterns and Ganthet “hold the key to his heart’s desire.” So he became an Alpha-Lantern thinking Ganthet can change him back to a mortal man.

Ganthet works to convert an Alpha-Lantern back to their original states while the Cyborg-Superman looks on. Alpha-Lantern Boodikka tracks down the other Lanterns only to be ambushed by a Green Lantern who doesn’t use his ring much: Hannu. After smashing her power battery, Boodikka regains herself and recharges the other Green Lanterns.

Next issue is the climax of the Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns and Tony Bedard prepares us for his next story arc. ng the San Deigo Comic-Con the Weaponer of Qward, who forged Sinestro's first yellow ring, has an axe to grind against him for all the baggage he brought to the antimatter universe of Qward. The Weaponer will be wielding a shield "made in part from White Lantern entity." Since this is a spin-off story from the Brightest Day Geoff Johns added "When the White Ring creates a construct, it's there forever."