Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chew #13 [2010] by John Layman | Rob Guillory

CHEW #13
Chew tells the story of FDA Special Agent Tony Chu who is a Cibopathic that can trace the origins of whatever he nibbles on. His girlfriend is Amelia Mintz a Saboscrivner that can give people the actual sensation of whatever she writes.

The FDA investigation leads them into Montero Industries and their frog and chicken combination called Fricken. Since everything should taste like chicken artificial meat magnate R.J Montero creates the frog and chicken combination. Tony is lead into the confrontation into Mason Savoy’s old partner Caesar Valenzano.

- Tony Chu and Amelia Mintz have their first date and Tony gets lucky
- Ceasar Valenzano is fully introduced as a double agent working with R.J Montero
- Mason Savoy returns
Writer John Layman has been slowly rolling out characters because he did not want Chew to be overly complicated. Caesar Valenzano first appeared on the last page of issue #2. Two more characters that still need to be introduced will be show in issue #15. Each issue makes you go back and reread the previous issues to find the hidden Easter eggs within. One of the most creative and innovative series in a very long time.