Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Batman Beyond #3 [2010] by Adam Beechen & Ryan Benjamin

The story takes place in Neo Gotham of 2039 with an escaped patient from Cadmus Labs. This mysterious individual is murdering former enemies of the Batman. Terry arrives at St.James Hospital which houses form Arkham Asylum patients including the Mad Hatter. As Terry arrives he hears a nurse screaming after being slashed by her assailant. Terry asks her if he said anything and she only mentions one word: HUSH.

Bruce Wayne tells Terry of the last time he fought with Tommy Elliot aka HUSH and how he was shot by an ordinary Gotham citizen protecting her home. The police positively identified Tommy Elliot however Bruce never got a closer look at the body.

Our mysterious assailant continues to inflict harm on former Batman enemies and this time targeted their families. Terry asks for a list of past and present Batman enemies and travels to the senior assisted living facility where the Calendar Man resides. Waiting in the shadows is none other than our mysterious assailant Hush.

A physically and emotionally exhausted Terry faces off against Hush. He loses Julian Day AKA the Calendar Man and Hush got away clean. An angry Bruce Wayne has been building Batman robot soldiers called Bat-Wraiths to support his war on crime. Terry leaves after the confrontation with Bruce and tackles Catwoman who puts a tracking signal on Terry. Catwoman has been taking orders from Hush who plans on disposing her. Meanwhile Terry visits Tim Drake to find clues to Hush who leads him to another associate Richard Grayson.

Great issue with a tie-in to the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie. Adam Beech does an amazing job surprising readers with this series and bringing old Batman characters back. Ryan Benjamin brings a top-level edge of excellent to his artwork. Really surprised by the mystery as well as the involvement of new and old Batman characters. This is definitely a must have series.