Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Invincible Iron Man #29 [2010] by Matt Fraction

Tony Stark is rebuilding his empire after the events of Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. Stark Resilent rises from the ashes licensing intellectual properties from the former Stark Industries. Now with Stark Industries out of the picture, the US military go to Hammer Industries for its armory needs led by Justin Hammer’s daughter and granddaughter. The Hammer girls present their new toy Detroit Steel however they are also supplying rogue countries with old Stark Industries weapons. They plan on ruining Stark’s name and reputation and solidifying Hammer Industries position in the defense sector.
As Stark continues to rebuild and rehire his new company, Pepper Potts talks to Stark allowing her to become Rescue again. In Tokyo a terrorist attack is launched however they are stopped by Detroit Steel. After showcasing Detroit Steel in Tokyo the US Military decides that they are getting into business with Hammer Industries.

Iron Man and War Machine investigate the terrorist plot in Tokyo only to realize that the terrorist used form Stark Industries equipment. Stark comes face to face with the Hammer girls and their toy Detroit Steel. He realizes that Sasha may have been with Ezekiel Stane in Taiwan and both Hammer and Stane are at the heart of Detroit Steel. Pepper Potts is back in her Rescue armor. Stark not only upgraded his armor but his eyes as well as they are turned into long range cameras. Stark attends his gala and takes Sasha away for a private getaway while Pepper looks shocked.

During the San Diego Comic-Con writer Matt Fraction promised the current storyline Stark Resilent finds out how resilent Tony Stark can be and how many wars can he fight on various fronts. The action or lack of action is leading to the ‘biggest action set piece” of Fraction’s career including the full cast from War Machine to Detroit Steel. The only problem with Fraction’s writing is that we do not get a one issue masterpiece. His story arc needs to be considered as a whole however the last couple of issues have been dragging with no tension or drama being built towards the finale.