Wednesday, August 11, 2010

X-Force: Sex And Violence #2 [2010]

The story takes place on the Utopia with a shot up Domino flashing back to how she got attacked. Elixir walks into the room to heal her except Wolverine intervenes and wants to know what happened. Domino explains she was teamed up with the Assassins Guild to steal money from the Hand who set up shop in New Orleans. However she discovered a human trafficking ring by the Hand and rescued the women while the Assassin Guild and the Hand fought it out. 

Wolverine then takes her out of Utopia to confront the Assassins Guild when they are suddenly attacked. Razorfist demand Domino to return the money she has stolen from the Assassins Guild. Both Wolverine and Domino fight it out and afterwards she tells him about what really happened. The truck she rescued the women in contained about $237 million. 

The leader of the Assassins Guild Belladonna summons the specialists needed to take both Wolverine and Domino down. First up was Bushwacker with a weaponized cybernetic gun arm. His cybernetic arm is sliced up by Wolverine and Bushwacker tells them everyone that Belladonna is sending after them. Wolverine and Domino head towards New Orleans to settle the conflict with the Assassins Guild when Hand follow them. 

Another great issue by the former X-Force team of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost.Really enjoyed the artwork by Gabriele Dell’Otto as he brings the intensity of the characters and the violence. Can’t wait to see how the final issue unfolds will all sides coming to a boiling point.