Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher #2 [2010]

In a post-apocalyptic Marvel Universe, the Punisher must save the world from a world gone insane. A pathogen is released that was developed during the Cold War so humans can adapt to changes from nuclear and biological warfare. The Punisher gets a major dose that makes him immune that transforms everyone on Earth into cannibal predators where their aggressive and survival instincts are heightened. The Punisher will save a world that he killed to regain salvation.
Punisher narrates the tale of the post-apocalypse striking the Marvel Universe. Now he is hunting “Patient Zero” who leads a tribe of cannibal predators including Tarantula, Black Widow, and Spider-Woman. Punisher finds an uninfected human killed by a knife wound with his feet and hands webbed to the ground. Zero wanted him to know that there are survivors out there. He takes on the Hulk and Venom while rescuing survivors within a church. Deadpool returns to send a message to the Punisher only to be confronted by Patient Zero: Spider-Man.

The survivor’s account of what happens was almost repetitive from the Punisher’s account last issue. The Punisher taking down the Hulk and Venom seemed way too easy as it doesn’t show his resourcefulness during battle. Wanted a bit more depth and tension within this issue rather than a lengthy monologue. This story may be suitable for a trade paperback format rather than individual issues as it slows down the story elements and rushes to a climax at the end of this issue.