Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Batman Beyond #4 [2010] by Adam Beechen & Ryan Benjamin

Terry McGinnis confronts Richard Grayson on the Hush killings. Grayson gives us the tale of the fallout between Bruce Wayne and himself. The Joker kidnapped Alfred and holding a machine gun with armor-piecing bullets. Bruce used the cape to hide his body so it made it difficult for Joker to know where to strike. However Grayson was standing behind Bruce and took the force of the bullets. He warns Terry of standing behind Bruce. Terry continues on his mission to bring down Hush leading to the final page reveal of his true identity.

This series is cementing Richard Grayson much like Batman Return of the Joker cemented Tim Drake into the Batman Beyond mythos. Adam Beechen reveals a tale that makes the story worth an animation DVD release. Ryan Benjamin excels with his depiction of the Batman family of characters while keeping the Batman Beyond visuals intact. Great series that will eventually lead to an ongoing Batman Beyond book.