Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2 [2010]

After the Blackest Night the Guardian Ganthet becomes a Green Lantern, Guy Gardner convinces the Guardians to explore the unexplored sectors, and Atrocitus heads towards Earth while Red Lantern Bleez joins Guy Gardner.

First Gardner teams up with both Kilowog and Arisia and head to the Planet Odym to rid the residual effects of the Red Lanterns inside Gardner. However awaiting him on the planet is Red Lantern Bleez who is not willing to release Gardner of these residual effects. Meanwhile in the unknown sectors, Zardor of Kralok holds the elders of the council of Syrinx and other telepaths for his plans for controlling the Corps and the universe.

Slowly warming up to this series after a slow setup last issue. Peter Tomasi is slowly unveiling the need for a third Green Lantern series as the characters' hidden agendas are slowly revealed. Artist Fernando Pasarin brings a mature quality to the Green Lantern Universe. The final page reveal of the Red Lantern Bleez was spoiled due to her appearance on the cover. Honestly the Crimson Corps sounds more mature than Red Lanterns however who could argue with Geoff Johns. Staying on board with this series as the story and characters develop.