Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Incredible Hulks #613 [2010] by Greg Pak

On the Planet K’al (Jarella’s homeworld) Hiro-Kala, son of Hulk feeds on the three billion year old Worldmind’s energies and it retaliates by attacking with the WarMind Protectors, ancient warrior spirits from K’ai’s bloodiest era. Hiro-Kala tricks the Worldmind by enslaving the world, destroying the old power, and bringing the Planet K’al into Earth’s solar system.

On Earth Bruce Banner has some relationship issues with Betty Ross and works it out through their alter egos Hulk and Red She-Hulk. The quarrel ends with the arrival of Super-Solider Steve Rogers and Amadeus Cho informing Bruce of the arrival of Planet K’al. Bruce refuses to help them and Skaar reveals to him that he has another son - another monster.

Much better sequences than the first part of Dark Son where it seemed that the cup was half empty rather than half full. Would have been better storytelling if the last issue started off with a full introduction of Hiro-Kala and ending with Planet K’al heading towards the solar system. While this issue focused on Hulk and his family and ending with the reveal that his other son is coming. Instead we get four separate parts that lowers the tension of the story to keep continuity in check. The story itself is very intriguing and after looking over the false start this feels like a worthy addition to the Hulk mythos.