Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher #4 [2010]

Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher #4
In the post-apocalyptic Marvel Universe, the Punisher must save the world from a world he killed to regain salvation. The Punisher deals with “Patient Zero” Spider-Man for peace if the Punisher can save the pregnant Mary Jane from the clutches of the Kingpin. He teams up with the Spider-Man tribe to retrieve Mary Jane however walks into a trap.

Jonathan Maberry brings the story to a close however leaves room for a sequel. Maberry brings the action and mayhem of the Punisher by understanding what really makes him tick and bring closure to him. This book is definitely worth the price of admission however I kept craving more especially with artwork by Goran Parlov. The creativity poured into these issues really deserved to be showcased as one of the Best Limited Series for 2010.