Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thor #615 [2010] by Matt Fraction

THOR #615
A quantum cosmologist explains that if Asgard is on Midgard then something replaced it. We are given a brief glimpse of Alfheim one of the nine worlds before it is attacked by unknown forces of Ano-Atox. 

In Heaven
Muspellsheim – Home of the Fire Demons (Surtur)
Alfheim – Home of the Ice Elves
Asgard –Capital City of the Norse Gods

On Earth 
Vanaheim – Home of Vanir
Midgard – Home of the Humans
Jotunheim – World of the Giants

The Underworld
Svartalfheim – Home of the Dark Elves
Hel – Realm of the Dead
Niflheim – Realm of Ice Elves

Matt Fraction becomes our GPS through Norse mythology. This is beginning of the saga explaining why Asgard is on Earth and what is wrong with the nine worlds. This cosmic balance will affect Earth as it is part of the nine worlds. Much like his Invincible Iron Man story arc Most Wanted, Fraction will surely lead us to Thor #625 and bring Thor back to his roots by uprooting the World Tree. Great start to his story arc as he uses his storytelling strengths to enhance the characters within Thor.