Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fantastic Four #583 [2010] by Jonathan Hickman

The Fantastic Four deal with the Forgotten City of the High Evolutionary while Valeria Richards discovers a conduit that her father used to contact the a pan-dimensional group called the Council who are made up of parallel versions of Reed Richards. She uses the conduit to find the Council however they are under attack by both the Doombots and the Celestials. Valeria returns with the surviving members of the Council who later disappear to various corners of the Earth. Later she makes a deal with Doctor Doom to restore his lost intelligence after the events of World War Hulks in exchange for him helping her father Reed Richards. Meanwhile Silver Surfer travels beneath the Earth and finds the corpse of Galactus.

Jonathan Hickman writes a story that will tie his previous arcs together to conclude with the last stand of one of the First Family. Steve Epting provides the quality work seen from Captain America. Enjoying how the writers are keeping the characters consistent within the Marvel Universe as the consequences faced by Doctor Doom within World War Hulks lead into Fantastic Four’s Three.