Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Avengers Academy #6 [2010]

The Avengers Academy was revealed to the world after last issue’s public battle with the villain Whirlwind. The Avengers Academy was set up to prevent the cadets from becoming villains instead of a training ground for heroes. This issue focuses on the newly elected-team leader Reptil. As team leader he took the liberty on spying on his former lover Finesse who is taking Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants lessons from Quicksilver. After losing his control with a short battle with Mentallo, Reptil goes to the Avengers Mansion to get counseled by Jessica Jones, the wife of former Powerman Luke Cage.

Christos Gage finishes his first story arc of the Avengers Academy building each of the characters and their intentions for future stories. Mike McKone has done a beautiful work illustrating the story and providing details that come out on these colored pages. Going to miss Mike McKone as Tom Raney comes abroad next issue whom I have meet years ago at Time Warp Comics in New Jersey. Great series and a welcome addition to the Avengers franchise.